Serving smart information and business intelligence

Knowteria knows information. We know where to get it, what do to with it and how to make you smarter by using it. Knowteria provides custom information packages and business research on demand for what you need to know.

Whether you are working on a research project and need assistance, or want market context for business planning for a new client, Knowteria gives you deeper understanding to make informed decisions and give you competitive advantage.

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When to use Knowteria:

  • Stay ahead of the curve on client and industry news
  • Get smart for a new business pitch
  • Go in-depth into consumer trends
  • Get up to speed quickly on an industry
  • Know who you are talking to and what they have been thinking about
  • Spark creative ideas
  • Get some competitive intelligence without you having to go under cover
  • Apply context and analysis to what's affecting business

Who do we work with

Anyone who needs business intelligence: advertisers, marketers, designers, PR pros, copywriters, account planners, media strategists, new business managers, product developers.