iShop for Valentine's Day
by (Alisa Coddington) on (02.14.2012)

Tablet owners will use device to purchase gifts this Valentine's Day:


53.8% of all tablet owners will use their

device to research products, compare

prices, redeem coupons, look up retailer

information or purchase products.


41.1% of Smartphone owners plan to

make a purchase on their device.


SOURCE: National Retail Federation

Where Consumers Cut Back in Hard Times
by (Alisa Coddington) on (11.10.2011)

Consumers know where they should cut back during hard times, but what really ends up on the chopping block? The New York State Small Business Development Center put together a guide of resources to tell the tale.  

Where Consumers Cut Back in Hard Times (NYS SBD)

Halloween 3rd Favorite Holiday
by (Alisa Coddington) on (10.13.2011)

Christmas and Thanksgiving may be the favorites, but Halloween wins the bronze as America’s favorite holiday.  According to a recent Harris Poll, Echo Boomers (18-34) and Gen X (35-46), both have Halloween as their third favorite, as do women. Valentine’s Day and Hanukkah tie for 10th place.

            Top 10


  1. Christmas
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Halloween
  4. Fourth of July
  5. Easter
  6. New Years
  7. Memorial Day
  8. Labor Day
  9. My Birthday
  10. Valentine’s Day
  11. Hanukkah


Source: Harris Interactive, "Happy Holidays! Christmas is America’s Favorite Holiday"

Holly Jolly Ads: Part 2
by (Alisa Coddington) on (12.22.2010)

Ace Metrix announces its take on the Top Holiday TV Ads of 2010. Coke's "Snow Globe" takes the top spot.  

  • #1 Coca Cola "Snow Globe"
  • #2 Amazon Kindle "Grandma Holiday Ad"
  • #3 Nintendo Wii "Woman Gets Out of Doing Chores"
  • #4 M&M's "Mike & Jen's Faces on Candy"
  • #5 Hersheys "Chocolate People Sing Carols"

Holly Jolly Ads
by (Alisa Coddington) on (12.17.2010)

Penny-pinching is so last year. Quirky, whimsical commercials are winning over consumers this holiday season. 

Retail Advertising and Marketing Association survey reveals the top holiday retail ads and their effectiveness:

Top Holiday TV Ads 2010

  • #1 Target
  • #2 Walmart
  • #3 Macy’s
  • #4 Best Buy
  • #5 Kmart
  • #6 Sears
  • #7 Old Navy
  • #8 Kohl's
  • #9 JC Penney
  • #10 Toys R Us

Did they motive?
  • 16.8% of shoppers said their favorite holiday commercial motivated them to shop with that retailer
  • 33.5%  said there was no impact as they regularly shop there anyway

Favorite Online or Email Holiday Promotion:
  • #1 Amazon
  • #2 Walmart
  • #3 eBay
  • #4 Target
  • #5 Kohl's & Best Buy

Did they motivate?
  • 22% said yes
  • 27.7%  said they already shop there

What most influenced decisions?
  • 42.3% Coupons
  • 24.3% Advertising inserts 
  • 23.3% Word of mouth
  • 22.0% TV/Broadcast 
  • 19.7% Direct mail
  • 4.6% Social Media advertising


According to BDO's Retail Compass Survey, 63% of chief marketing officers said this year's holiday budget was flat, compared to 55% in 2009 and 43% in 2008. 

Where did retailers spend their budgets?

  • 42% Print Ads (down from 64% a year ago)
  • 25% Broadcast (up from 13% a year ago)
  • 75% Social Media (up from 51% in 2009)
    • 92% CMO's utilizing Facebook
    • 60% Twitter
    • 20% YouTube
    • 8%  MySpace

Live Action vs. Animation
by (Alisa Coddington) on (12.10.2010)

Nielsen reports that across all categories, live action ads have higher brand recall than animation.

Animated ads for food ingredients and seasonings do, however, work well - brand recall for these categories was 28% higher for animation ads vs. live action.

Live action creatives were more effective than animated ads across all major demographics as well. While live action ads resonated equally among both genders:

  • Brand Recall was 27% stronger for females and 17% stronger among males than for animated ads
  • Adults 35 to 49 saw a 24% increase in brand recall for ads that used live action vs. animated
  • Among viewers aged 13 to 35, only showed an 11% change between live action and animated creatives

Charles Schwab's 2005 animated commercials seem to have sparked a trend in animated ads geared towards adults...and more parodies on funny or die.

Who Uses Twitter?
by (Alisa Coddington) on (12.09.2010)

8% of online Americans use Twitter, according to a new report by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project

  • One-quarter of users check in multiple times a day for tweets from others
  • One in five never check for new material
  • 72% of Twitter users say that they post updates related to their personal life, activities or interests.
  • 62%  post updates related to their work life, activities or interests, with 12% doing so on a daily basis.
  • 55% of Twitter users share links to news stories. One in ten (12%) do this at least once a day.
  • 54% say they post humorous or philosophical observations about life in general, with 16% doing so on a daily basis.

Highest Users:

  • Young adults – Internet users ages 18-29 are significantly more likely to use Twitter than older adults.
  • African-Americans and Latinos – Minority internet users are more than twice as likely to use Twitter as are white internet users.
  • Urbanites – Urban residents are roughly twice as likely to use Twitter as rural dwellers.
  • Women and the college-educated - are also slightly more likely than average to use the service.

Back to School Tattoos
by (Alisa Coddington) on (08.03.2010)

Since when are tattoos, waxing, teeth whitening and mani/pedis considered back to school necessities? 

According to the latest American Express Spending & Saving Tracker  5% of parents intend to spend on cosmetic services and 37% expect to spend on beauty products as part of their kids' back to school preparation.  

Average Spending

American Express reports the average family of four will spend $550 preparing for their kids' return to the classroom, with clothing shoes and supplies as top expenditures, while the National Retail Federation says that the average American family will spend $606.40 on clothes, shoes, supplies and electronics. 

Text Shopping
by (Alisa Coddington) on (07.23.2010)

Shop by Text

Now you can buy cool stuff from independent retailers at with the press of a text. (no need for a smartphone)

Subports works with independent vendors, designers and non-profits to quickly create a retail presence or experience with a simple text message.

Once you've registered your shipping and payment info with the site, shopping is easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. See something you like on the Subport marketplace:

2. Text sub code

3. Enjoy your unique new items (glow in the dark toothbrush!)

If you are in need of a Samurai Umbrella or pants for your eggs, YALL & US has a particularly unique catalog design.


The Future of Shopping

PSFK's "Future of Retail" report describes a shopping world where consumers can make instant purchases regardless of time and place. Subport lets independents get one step closer.



67.8 Million Fathers Know Best
by (Alisa Coddington) on (06.07.2010)

If you are one of the 67.8 million Fathers in the US, there is a good chance you are going to get a card on June 20th.  You may even get a good laugh as well – humor cards make up about 30 percent of Father’s Day sales.

Gift givers this year will spend an average of $94.32 on gifts for an expected total of $9.8 billion.

39.9 percent of those celebrating dad this year will treat him to a special outing such as dinner or brunch. 

There are plenty of shopping options for every kind of father:

If you’ve got a dapper dad, you have your pick from the 8,610 men’s clothing stores in the US. 

For handy (or not so handy) dads, there are 14,193 hardware stores and 7,150 home centers across the country.

If dad is into golf or fishing it won’t be hard to find something at the 23,756 sporting goods stores.

Maybe dad just wants his skin to look good? According to research firm Euromonitor, global revenues for skincare, haircare and other such goods for men reached $26.6 billion in 2009, up by 44% on 2004.  For 2010, the average Father’s day spending on personal care is $5.26

Northeast dads can expect a little higher spending ($109.57) than those in the Midwest ($78.12).  


Hallmark: Father’s Day

National Retail Federation

U.S. Census Bureau: Facts for Features


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