Super Bowl Facts and Figures

TocbiggerYour quick guide to over 100 facts and figures on spending, consumption and advertising surrounding the Super Bowl. We reviewed more than 200 sources, selected the most essential pieces of information and made it into an easily digestible guide. 

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What exactly is inside "Super Bowl Facts and Figures"?

Your personal arsenal of Super Bowl related charts, factoids, graphs, fun facts and summaries on topics such as Advertising, Food, Gambling, and Consumer Spending.

Find answers to questions such as:


Some of the key info in Knowteria's complied Super Bowl research includes:


(1) (2) Venables Bell & Partners (3) National Restaurant Association (4) Retail Advertising and Marketing Association




  • Viewership
  • Reasons for Tuning into the Game
  • Brand Awareness
  • Social Media
  • Ad Effectiveness
  • Rates
  • Spending
  • Top Advertisers
  • Top Categories

Super Bowl "Budget"

  • Super Bowl Spending
  • Where the Money Goes
  • The Parties


  • Where They Shop for Snacks
  • Snack Time


Water Cooler Buzz

The Game

  • Tickets
  • Stadium
  • Host City Impact
  • Gambling

Monday Morning

  • Calling In Sick


  • Super Bowl Advertising News
  • Watch Ads
  • Post Game Review
  • Other Resources

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